Review and Redesign 401(k) Plan

Are you happy with your existing 401(k) plan?

Let us review the plan to see if it can be improved upon.

We’ll need the following information:

  • Employee Census
  • A copy of the current plan’s Adoption Agreement.
  • A copy of the most recent Allocation Report.
  • A copy of the Summary Plan Description (SPD), if available.

Simply send these four items to us and we will review, evaluate your situation, and, if possible, redesign a plan that better suits your needs.

Defined Benefit Plans

A pension plan that provides for retirement income that is stated as a percentage of one’s annual earned income.

401[k] Plans

401(k) plans are salary deferral plans. Employees may have a maximum amount deducted from salary and deposited to their account.

Profit Sharing Plan

A Profit Sharing Plan is an employer sponsored retirement plan in which the contributions are made solely by the employer. 

Cash Balance Pension Plans

A cash balance plan is a defined benefit plan that defines the benefit in terms that are more characteristic of a defined contribution plan.

Let’s talk about your retirement plans

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