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What You Will Learn:

  • Bill shares his history and background in pension administration and business consulting, and he shares how he works with closely-held businesses and professionals to save money in taxes through custom-designed retirement plans.
  • Bill discusses how the plans he designs for people allow them to keep as much money as possible, and he dispels some of the pervasive myths that surround designing retirement plans.
  • Bill talks about how he determines what plan is the most beneficial for his clients, and he describes the differences between the types of plans available to business owners and professionals.
  • Bill explains why practice owners do not have to cover all of their employees, and he shares strategies he uses to maximize the benefits his clients receive from their plans including spousal benefits and other strategies.
  • Bill explains non-qualified plans and how they can help grow wealth in a tax-deferred way. He explains how these plans can help defend assets against predatory lawsuits.
  • Bill describes what a “favorable determination letter” from the IRS is, and he shares how the letter can protect you by documenting that your plan is approved by the IRS.


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