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By Bill Black, a Pension Consultant and life insurance broker and President of

Minimize Taxes, Protect Wealth with a Defined Benefit Plan, 02/10/14 article in the enewsletter
Find the Right Tax-Deductible Pension Plan for Your Company
It is 2014. A new year is upon us.  What will we do for tax relief?  One consideration is an IRS approved tax-deductible pension plan for your business or professional practice.  Surprisingly more manageable than you may know.  Here is my recent article to explain more.

Does Your Business Need a ‘Retirement Plan’?, Small Business Opportunities
Why pension plans are not about retirement, but the tax benefits
The 8 Worst 401(k) Mistakes Made by Self-Storage Employees
Don’t make these mistakes with your 401(k) plan.  Be vigilant!
With year-end approaching, it’s time to consider many things. Your existing 401(k) plan should be one thing to consider. Here’s why: Now’s the Time to Review the Company’s 401(k) Plan

Which Tax-Deductible Pension Plan is Right for Me?, 09/26/13
There are many types of tax-deductible pension plans, choosing the correct one is imperative
You review your stock and bond portfolio, your maturing C.D.’s, etc.  Have you reviewed your 401(k)?  Here’s something to consider:
Which Tax-Deductible Pension Plan Is Right for Me?, 08/07/13