Defined Benefit Plans Bullet Points

I’m often asked:

“What is the quick overview I can give a client with a short attention span?”

Here is what I say:

You’ve told me your Advisors rarely give you tax savings advice and you are looking for additional tax deductions… without taking a risk with Internal Revenue. If I told you a plan was available that:

  • Allows annual tax-deductible contributions of as much as $200,000!
  • Invested monies are generally protected from the claims of judgment creditors. Please make
    sure to review with your tax advisor for details on your own particular particular circumstances.
  • Invested monies grow on a tax-deferred basis!
  • We can accumulate as much as $2,000,000 for you!
  • Plan assets eligible for a tax-free IRA rollover!
  • IRS gives you a letter stating this is all qualified!

….Would you be interested?

If so, I need to get a little bit of information. This information will allow me to prepare an illustration so I can show you and your CPA, in black-and-white, how the plan works and you can make a business decision on whether this is right for you or not.” (Go ahead and fill out the data gathering forms.)

Simply email the completed data to, and we will go from there!
We do need the census in Excel format.
Any questions, any cases you’d like to discuss, give us a call.


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