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Fall 2018: Hardships Get a Little Easier and more…

Helping Hands One of the most prevalent and difficult challenges for many twenty somethings these days is the repayment of their, often substantial, student loan debt. Statistics show that the average college graduate with a bachelor’s degree left school in 2016 with $28,446 in student loan debt.  Read More Cost of Living Adjustments (TABLE) Every Fall, […]

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Summer 2018: The Retirement Income Gap & Helpful Hints for Plan Sponsors

The Retirement Income Gap Many American workers participate in company retirement plans, methodically contributing to their accounts over time to fund for life after work. Beyond benefiting from employer-funded plans, retirees commonly draw from additional savings tucked away in IRAs or after-tax savings accounts as well. Add Social Security payments to the mix and it […]

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Spring 2018: Who is an Employee? & HSA vs 401[k]

Who is an Employee? MAINTAINING A RETIREMENT PLAN FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES IS NO EASY TASK. At various points during the year, employers and HR departments field participant questions, help with enrollments, deliver notices and statements, and participate in the distribution process. However, an additional responsibility, and one of the most important, is the collection of […]

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February 2018: Navigating Distributions & Under the New Tax Law

Navigating Distributions The first quarter of the calendar year typically sees an uptick in the number of retirement plan distributions and participant loans. This year may be even busier than most, given the relief announced by the IRS for victims of the recent hurricanes and wildfires. Whatever the reason, participant distributions present a complex set […]

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